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I don’t consent to any searches or seizures what crime do you suspect me of committing? In order to stop me, you have to suspect me of a crime. Can you get your superisor to come here?

I do not consent to give you my identification. Are you issueing me a
summons, 17-a 15a requires – I am not giving you my ID.

(The Law states: In order to carry a gun, you are not allowed to be a felon)

Do you suspect me of being a felon? Unless you suspect me of being a felon,
then I want my gun back and I want to proceed on my way.

Unless you suspect me of being a felon, you have no reason to stop me.

Unless you suspect me of committing a crime, as per
Terry v Ohio

Delaware V Prouss,

requires you to have a suspicioun of crime before detaining an individual

Brown V Texas

does not allow you to stop an invidividual and demand their ID.

I’m not going to give you my name, for my own protection. Any name I give you
will go into the police record. A Pedestrian report is a police report.

Do you suspect me of committing a crime? It is not illegal (in my state) to
wak down the street carrying a gun.

If you have only stoppped me for legally carrying a gun,

Deberry v US

says a firearm, when legally carried, can not be the only cause for legal
suspicion for a stop.

I should be free to go and I should be given my gun (my property, my
possessions) back. Am I free to go? Can I have my property back?


i have been a fervent Obama supporter but i have always been anti war and against amerikkkan foreign policy. i cant ignore my anti F.P. position b/c Obama is in office. every dollar spent in israel is missing money from our community. i cant forgive him for this no more than i could forgive bush-cheney or clinton-gore or reagan-bush etc…. we have faild ourselves however in never standing in unison and solidarity with specific organizations who offered us a platform to pursue our grievances against the federal govt and the amerikkkan fiscal policy/industrial capitalist complex. even to the point where IF we all agreed to attack Obama for his lack of representation on black issues IT WOULD BE LAUGHABLE…. we would simply come off as chickens with our heads cut off nationally speaking we have
no lobbyist
no political organization
no human rights coalition
no economic research group
confederation of
dark skinned
about eveything
and work on nothing
(as a politically organized cohesive group) we have PERFECT excuses for remaining in the political powerless position in whuch we are right now
we need a political organization that serves as an umbrella to bridge the gap/merge/collectively bind ALL our organizations into one POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE….
the christians
the jews
the muslims
the atheists
the rbgs
the spiritualists
the kemetics
the panafricanists
the convicts
the pimps
the hoes
the thots
the niggaz
the bitchez
the kings
the queens
the dreads
the continental africans
the diasporans in brazil etc…..
the top leader of every current organization needs to serve as a member consultant of the umbrella group…. pledging 5% of its individual budget to the umbrella group, who in turn manages specific projects that all people vote on…
1) full redtoration of voting rights
2) complete control of local school curriculum selection (if impossible- see 3)
3) complete withdrawal of all children from public schools to be taught at local churches and/or other umbrella group member organization-owned buildings
4) economic empowerment via horticulture education /innercity farming (all children learn and practice by doing at the school-buildings they attend)

Women’s Day Women’s Month

black_woman black_woman_face-in-hood  Just a Few Strong Women I think we should all salute –

Ida B. Wells –

born 7/16/1862 anti-lynching activist A giant of the independent black press, and an early media literacy educator, Wells’ leadership and uncompromising vision continue to reverberate for black women. Published her own paper – Free Speech and Headlight, and her own autobiography
Phyllis Wheatley –
born in Senegal =- kidnapped at age of 8 – published her first poem in English in U.S. at age of 12. Her first and only book: Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral in 1773
Harriet Tubman
Sojourner Truth
Lorraine Hansberry
Septima Poinsette Clark
an educator and activist — In 1920, while serving as an educator in Charleston, Clark worked with the NAACP to gather petitions calling for blacks to serve as principals in Charleston schools—which resulted in the first black principal in Charleston. Clark also worked tirelessly to teach literacy to black adults.
Elizabeth Keckley
born in Virginia– mother: house slave Mary Burwell father: slave owner: Armistead Burwell. Purchased her own freedom from Hugh Garland (slave owner) and her son for a price of $1200.
In Washington DC, Elizabeth’s reputation as a dressmaker grew until she had such prestigious clients as the wives of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. She was eventually introduced to Mary Todd Lincoln on the day of Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration, and hired as her dressmaker and personal daily dresser. She published her autobiography “Behind the Scenes: Or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House” in 1868.
Debi Thomas
March 21, 1986 –  becomes first African American woman to win the World Figure Skating Championship
Ella Baker
is one of those people. An active civil rights leader in the 1930s, Ms. Baker fought for civil rights for five decades, working alongside W.E.B Dubois, Thurgood Marshall, and Martin Luther King, Jr. She even mentored well-known civil rights activist, Rosa Parks.
strongBLACKwoman3  strongBLACKwoman2Just a Few Strong Women I think we should all salute –

shotgun weddings & homosexuality

tooMUCHgay tooMUCHgay2Most of us in the black community are spinning our wheels on bogus issues that do nothing to solve problems in our community.  We have problems with unity and economics. These two issues sit at the heart and core of our entire existence. When the white nations declared war on THE AFRICAN they didn’t care if the African had rivaling religious perspectives. They didn’t care if there was a rivaling linguistic preference. They didn’t care  if THE AFRICAN had a rivaling sexual preference.  All they ever cared about is

ENSLAVING ALL THE                                                AFRICANS

They have not changed their position in over 400 years.  They have hardly changed their tactics. Black Skin = ENEMY.  Yet we in the black community think it critically vital to villify anyone who does not fit our pigeon-holed definition of blackness.  We are obsessed with who is and who is not gay.  Every conversation we engage in, about homosexuals is a wasted conversation.  Black businesses are shutting down, while we go on and on about whether or not we should allow black gays in “the movement” – it’s a hilariously absurd query –



Boy with absent parentsis that nobody in theBoy with absent parents community is willing to grab the bull by the horns and make all these
absentee parents man the f**k up and woman the f**k up and be parents — latchkey kid syndrome is far too prevalent –

  1. nobody wants to be a parent anymore –
2. the prevailing sentiment is: have a baby and keep on being who ever the “f” u were before the baby got here –
As long as this latchkey kid syndrome is the social norm – the idiot box is the validating authority on morality – and the idiot box/social media was NEVER intended (by black society) to be the guiding force –
(although one could argue easily that WHITE SUPREMACY had this strategy in its mind from the getgo – create a reality where tv is the provider of morality)
As soon as the idiot box/social media became the leader, the teacher, the friend, the associate, the standard bearer – WE LOST!

–If you want to fight the issue of homosexuality promotion –
–If you want to fight the promotion of hyper-masculinity –
Go back to original ways – if not original AFRICAN CULTURE (PEOPLE ARE WAY TO SCARED FOR THAT) then go back to:


Force all the baby making huemans to get married just like WE USED TO DO – it might fly in the face of popular opinion and popular psychology – but “popular” has always been THE PROBLEM!
Way back in the day EVERYBODY practiced #shotgunweddings because it was a matter of principle and doing right – if the man/boy got the woman/girl pregnant – that’s it!!! hH was forced to “do right” and marry – and earn a living to provide for the family he condom-less-ly created! – Point Blank! Period!
Those who didn’t want that – didn’t tap that!

Culture Vultures At It Again

#Richmond never disappoints

from the #Kwanzaa festival that is so steeped in #African culture that no one bothered to acquire any Africans to participate in the event
and saw it fit to place 2 Jamaican food vendors back behind the stage where non one could see them unless you happened to mistake the rear area for a bathroom #Richmond never disappoints

to today’s #Ghanafestival with a white band hailing all the way from Denmark leading all of the musical selections #Richmond never disappoints

and a strong, overpowering peppering of other Caucasians distributing the #Ghanaian food for $10 a plate.


#Richmond never disappoints

No displays — no pictures – no pamphlets, no fliers , no nothing about the the Akan, Ewe, Mole-Dagbane, Guan, and Ga-Adangbe.

No commentary about how many Africans in the western hemisphere have traced their roots through documents and/or DNA to Ghana – and particularly the Akan people

No “bridge the gap” speeches on how to bring the two communities – diaspora Africans (aka African-Americans) and Continental Africans together – whether for social, political, economic means and gains . . .

Not even a smattering of interesting factoids like

Kwame Nkruma being the first president, the original Pan-Africanist Head of State, responsible for WEB Dubois leaving amerikkka and living out his last days back in the mother land, and having met and talked with Malcolm X

Nothing about Harriet Tubman being from the Asante of Akan – one of the largest ethnicities of Ghana

Nothing about Elmina Castle and its connection to the African Diaspora or the fact that President Obama visited and spoke on it

#Richmond never disappoints

No lessons in friendly conversational  TWI –

No “back to africa” message (not even for the purpose of tourism)

Just white musicians from Denmark faking the funk of reggae music

#Richmond never disappoints

P.S. I would be remiss (more so than I already am) if I forgot to mention the one particular heifer   who had the nerve to pick up the “to go” boxes that fell off the food serving table – clearly into the dirt – and place them right back into the stack of boxes that those of us in attendance would be treated and obliged to use! (Needless to say, this particular individual was as white as the driven snow most Richmonders/Central Virginians have gotten far too sick of, lately)

#Happy #IndependenceDay #Ghana even though no one said it at the event

Two Down – Nineteen to Go – The Disappearance of Black Owned


We started 2015 with only 21 black owned banks – and due to our “idgaf” attitude – we  are down 2 – now we only have 19 black owned banks open in united snakes of amerikkka — but we shall continue twerkin right?

black owned businesses are vital to a healthy black community!

#buyblack because #blacklivesmatter but also because #blackbusinessmatters #blackneighborhoodsmatter

Amerikkka would like for us NOT to think along these lines – but the country itself is quick to put on tv, advertisements about “buying local” – where they encourage the general public to shop in small, mom n pop type stores in your city/town/area – they just always show white owned stores when they do it. im not even mad at that.

local2it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to take the message to heart and think FOR SELF off that message.

THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SHOPPING LOCALLY — even walmart encourages it – how? their corporate policy is to ensure a certain percentage of shelf space in EVERY STORE to local commerce – you can find locally produced produce, wine, ice cream, music, etc – in EVERY STORE – so this is ONE version of shopping locally –
but we need to do more talking and fighting about how to open up black owned businesses than who’s on the right religious or spiritual path –

whether one is a christian, muslim, NOI, NEW-NOI, LostFOUND-NOI,
whether one is atheist, jew, black israelite, nuwaubian, kemetic
whether one is a practitioner of spirituality, vodoun, ile-ife, odinani,
whether one is carribbbean, ghanaian, nigerian, amerikkkan, british
whether one is yoruba, igbo, ijaw, bugandan, bagata, quraish, ibibio
whether one is diasporan, west african, east african, south african,

we need to find ways to open businesses and trade with each other –
even if its so much as buying pens and pencils for school!!!!


We started 2015 with only 21 black owned banks – and due to our “idgaf” attitude – we  are down 2 – now we only have 19 black owned banks open in united snakes of amerikkka — but we shall continue twerkin right?